Sam Kesler and Kanile'a

Sam plays the new Kanile'a next the grotto in Idyllwild

Sam's YouTube

Watch a testimonial about the incredible healing power of this amazing medicine.


Akasha Ireland
Joanna's Healing Journey

Watch Joanna's powerful journey with Kambô and this medicine family.


I recently went to a Quantum Kambo retreat in Idaho to create some content for the website that I'm working on for them.
Quantum Kambo
Testimonial Teasers for CKPI

Same template; two different stories

Benefits of Kambô

I recently followed CKPI to Ireland to do some video projects for the medicine family.


Goat Canyon Trestle Anniversary and Melvin Jr.

This was a bucket list hike that we finally did before we plan to abandon Southern California. It was also an opportunity to play with some new equipment I am taking to Ireland.

Sage Prayer

This is a little video we made to assure our viewers that we ethically and respectfully harvest our sage, and encourage everyone to know where the sage they purchase is sourced.

Our Sage

What is Kambô

A little video I created and voiced for CKPI


Divine Integration

A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner, practicing on our little home mountain of Idyllwild, CA.

San Antonio Kambo Training

The first video I did for CKPI at a training I helped facilitate after I got back from training in Peru



This was the first video we cut for youtube, celebrating us quitting our lives and going out to live on the road.