Ivan has been on stage his entire life, performing in every way imaginable, from musical theatre to tech work. When he wasn't on stage or in front of a camera, he was behind the camera, from photography to videography, capturing the beauty that he found in this world, and sharing it with this world while writing about his own evolution and unique observation of this life and existence. This obsession with figuring things out led to working with plant medicines and becoming a Kambô practitioner. All of this naturally transformed into documenting healing journeys all over the world.

He is currently traveling around with his beautiful little family, and doing his part to make the world a beautiful place to live in by helping to tell stories and create content for those who are doing the same.

idiedatbirth is decades worth of creative experience on both sides of the camera.

Music - 40 Years

Acting - 30 years

Photography - 25 Years

Videography - 20 Years

Web Design - 10 Years

Let's Create Something Beautiful Together

We are temporarily based in Idyllwild, CA, but love traveling to create something beautiful if you can get us there.