My father gave up his dream of music.

During some random conversation, while struggling with my own dreams, he told me that at some point you have to give them up because life happens.

He also told me that he would have plenty of time to enjoy playing music... but he ran out of time.

... and so did the little boy who wanted to make him proud with music.

..... and so might you.

Celebrate what you love before it's too late

The Piano

This Gulbransen was made in 1939, and has survived my blood, sweat, and tears from the age of 5. I have lugged it around with me for the last 40 years. It's time to let it go... a little too expensive to fix; a little too broken to donate... like a lot of us.

The Time Pieces

I found my father's body on November 5th... remember, remember. Of the strange things I found in his house there was a drawer full of broken watches. They are all set to 11:05.

*PLEASE feel free to add your own broken watches. Just set them to 11:05